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Legacy Academy Franchise Reviews:

When young mother Cindy Agnew lost her job in 2006, she went from a comfortable six-figure income to working two part-time jobs. “I had been with the same telecommunications company for 13 years. Needless to say, it was a very tough time for me,” she says. “I took what I could find: I worked at a local furniture store and selling life insurance, but it just wasn’t making the ends come together. More than that, it just wasn’t personally fulfilling.”

Nine years earlier, Cindy’s then 8-week-old daughter had attended the very first Legacy Academy in Oakwood Georgia, then owned and operated by Frank and Melissa Turner. The school had made a dramatic impact on Cindy and her daughter.

“After a job loss or other major setback, you have to try to keep your eyes on better things, so I tried to think past my difficult circumstances and ask myself what I really wanted to do. The answer was: I wanted to start my own business. I knew I could be successful if I had the right opportunity and support, so I called the Turners and asked them what was required to become a Legacy Academy franchisee.”

After exploring the challenges and benefits of owning and operating a Legacy Franchise, Cindy signed on the dotted line; and with guidance from the Turners and the franchising team at Legacy corporate, she secured the needed financing.

“It was terrifying!” she exclaims. “Sometimes I would have brief moments of panic; but I had studied the numbers and knew I could run a good business and a great child care center.”

Cindy was prepared for a lean first few years in her new center as she built a reputation for her product, but her enrollment had surpassed goals by only the sixth-month mark. Though she is quick to credit Legacy corporate, her center director and teachers for the center’s success, Cindy’s passion for excellence has been critical to the center’s ongoing success.

“I have a great team supporting me,” she says. “Legacy corporate helps with everything from permitting, architectural design and construction of the facility, curriculum and personnel issues to state regulations. I try to hire good people who share my values. My director and teachers are as committed to these children and the parents as I am. We have a remarkable team environment and share a mutual respect that is simply invaluable.”

“Legacy Academy’s, success is tied to the success of each new childcare franchisee,” says Melissa Turner, “so it is our goal for each franchisee to build and manage a well-run and profitable center. Franchise operation is not for everyone but can represent a great opportunity for those with good business skills and a desire to be successful by following a proven system.

Asked what she thinks makes a good Legacy Academy owner, Cindy enumerates:

“You have to have proven people skills, be organized and diligent,” she says. “It goes without saying that you need to love children and have a value for the contribution you can make in their lives. You will become part of the family for your clients. As an employer, you have to care about each member of your team. You are counting on them and they are counting on you. Every owner needs good business sense. You need to be willing to learn new things all the time, and pay attention to the details of your center. Everything from the way the grass is cut to the condition of the flag that’s flying in the front of your location. ”

Cindy opened her Legacy Academy in Greenville in 2008, a very turbulent time for our nation’s economy. Yet only four years later, she was running a very successful school and planning to open her second Legacy Academy for children.

“Because of the changes in the banking industry, getting needed financing is tougher for me now than it was when I was far less successful financially,” she says. “But I am doing the legwork and excited about the new center. The rewards of ownership are amazing.”

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