Easter activities

Delightful Easter Activities to Enjoy with Your Child

Posted on April 18, 2019 : Posted in Family Time & Holidays, Parenting Tips
Easter activities

Spring is here, and Easter is just around the corner. Since springtime is all about new life, it seems appropriate to pause at Easter and spend time enjoying our families. This time of year offers plenty of special opportunities to connect with our children and have fun together. There are many community events where families are welcome to share in the fun. If you are looking for more to do together, here are a few especially delightful Easter activities that your whole family can enjoy.

Easter Eggs

While dying Easter eggs is an old classic, the activities you can do them are almost endless. Traditionally, dying hard-boiled eggs and hunting for plastic ones are enjoyable Easter pastimes. But there’s far more that you can do! For instance, try collecting some bare branches and putting them in a vase to create an Easter egg tree in your home. Simply close plastic eggs around a piece of ribbon and then tie the ribbon on your branches. The Easter tree becomes fun and festive decor.

If you have more hardboiled eggs than you know what to do with, hold egg and spoon races. To play, put a hard-boiled egg on a spoon and see who can move the quickest from one spot to another without dropping their egg. The plastic Easter eggs can be used for all sorts of everyday adventures as well. Use them for counting, sending messages and small gifts, or even playing pretend.

Plant Something

In most places, Easter comes around the time of year when plants are ready to go in the ground. This makes gardening among the best Easter activities to share with your children. Whether you pot some flowers for indoors or begin a large vegetable garden, your children will enjoy working beside you and feeling helpful. Furthermore, gardening with your children is a great educational opportunity as you explain how and why we care for plants. As an added bonus, pot a few flowers and give them to family members, friends, or teachers as an Easter gift!

Read About the Season

As with every season, excellent and inexpensive Easter activities can be found at your local library. Some libraries host storytimes, family events, and other Easter-themed experiences. But even if those events are not a possibility, you can borrow and read a wide variety of picture books about the wonder and excitement of Easter. For example, the Fancy Nancy, Pete the Cat, Berenstain Bears, and Winnie the Pooh early reader series all have Easter editions. Additionally, the simple chapter books by Beatrix Potter (Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit, etc.) would be excellent additions to your daily routine as Easter approaches.

Create a Food Tradition

There are many different Easter activities that are associated with food. Some involve sweets (candy in eggs, for example), while others, like ham or lamb, are part of a larger family meal. This year, why not create a new tradition for your family’s table? Perhaps you spend time baking a carrot cake or other dessert together in preparation for the family feast. Or instead, maybe you create your own special meal for Easter morning, full of your favorites as well as hot cross buns or muffins. The food doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. The act of preparing it together is far more significant than the food itself.

Easter time is a time of rebirth and life. As we come out of the grey of wintertime, take the opportunity to connect and enjoy your family. By participating in these simple Easter activities, you will enter the new season refreshed and ready for whatever it may hold. If you are looking for childcare that will encourage and refresh your child, consider Legacy Academy. Call or visit one of our centers for more information today!