Love of learning

How to Encourage a Love of Learning

Posted on November 27, 2018 : Posted in Early Child Care, Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

Love of learning

Every parent wants their child to develop a love of learning. At the same time, many parents feel unsure about how to instill that love in their small children. Thankfully, there are many easy ways to integrate fun learning into your daily life. In this post, we will discuss inexpensive and simple ways you can encourage your child’s love of learning.

Chase Their Questions

Small children love asking questions. They want to know how things work and why things are the way they are. As a parent, it can be exhausting to attempt to answer all these questions every day. However, one great way to encourage a child’s love of learning is to follow their lines of inquiry and learn all you can. Is your child asking how your car works? Find books about the inner workings of cars at your local library. Or maybe your child asks you about animals throughout the day. Search for educational videos online and watch them together. By pursuing the topics that your child is naturally curious about, you teach them to listen to their “inner student,” and you give them the tools to answer questions for themselves.


This probably goes without saying but reading as a family is a wonderful way to promote learning in your home. This doesn’t need to be limited to reading books to your child when they are small. In fact, experts recommend continuing to read aloud to your children long after they are capable of reading for themselves. Additionally, there are ways to read together even when you struggle to find the time. Most libraries have a wide selection of audiobooks. You can listen to these together at meals or in the car, and then enjoy discussing what you read.


It’s easy to get into the habit of always rushing from point A to point B. But children aren’t wired the way we are, and often they attempt to travel at a slower pace while taking in the world around them. To encourage a love of learning, try taking time and exploring the world with your child. Notice the things in your home or neighborhood that you may take for granted while they fascinate your child. Discuss the way bugs fly, how the washing machine works, and where your food comes from. Finding learning moments in everyday life will encourage your child to do the same.

Model Learning New Things

As adults, our responsibilities and commitments often make us too tired or overwhelmed to take on anything new. At the same time, research shows that learning new skills and ideas keeps our brains sharp and healthy. Also, your child is watching you. If you model an attitude of learning and personal growth, she is likely to copy your example. So take up a new hobby, even something as simple as reading nonfiction books a few pages at a time. Or do something with your child, like yoga before bed or a craft project. Your willingness to go outside of your comfort zone has a large impact on your child’s willingness to do the same.

Set a Family Goal

Another way to encourage a love of learning in your home is to tackle projects and goals as a family. Perhaps you want to watch the birds at your bird feeder and identify all the species you see. Or you could plant a garden and harvest your own food. You could also read all of the Caldecott Medal-winning books from the last 20 years or make a goal to run or walk a 5K together. Even more important than the content of your goal is the attitude with which you approach it. Your enthusiasm and hard work can inspire your children in their own goals. Before you know it, they will be challenging themselves to even bigger goals than you could’ve imagined.

A love of learning is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Its bearers can overcome any deficit in education or training because they are undeterred by uncertainty. By giving your child a foundation that emphasizes the pursuit of knowledge, you equip them to meet any challenge that life brings their way. Are you looking for childcare that will reinforce the learning atmosphere you create in your home? At Legacy Academy, we strive to encourage all of our students toward lifelong learning and success. Call us today to learn more.