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How to Open Your Own Childcare Franchise

Posted on January 8, 2019 : Posted in Preschool Franchise Opportunities
childcare franchise

If you are thinking of opening your own business, there are probably at least a hundred questions floating around in your head. What about capital, regulations, or locations? Ultimately, you are in search of an endeavor that will be both fulfilling and profitable. If you enjoy working with children,  opening a childcare franchise may be the perfect opportunity for you. Here are some steps to take as you pursue this goal.

Assess the Need in Your Area

First, it is important to assess your area’s need for childcare. How many childcare centers are available in relation to the population? You can discover most of the centers in the white pages, though in-home care may not be accounted for there. Really, local parents are your best source for this type of information. You can ask these questions in your own circles or post them in online groups for local moms. What type of care is needed in the area? What gaps can be found in the current market? It will also serve you well to look at recent census data and consider the number of working parents, children in those families, and recent marriages. All of this data will give you a clearer picture of the necessity of a childcare center in your area.

Meet with Your Financial Advisor

Starting a business requires capital, so it is important that you have a clear picture of your financial situation and the funds available to you. After getting a good grasp on your assets, your advisor can tell you some potential next steps. This may include visiting a bank to inquire about a business loan, finding investors among your friends and family, or moving assets to make the proper funds available. Regardless of the method, you will want to have a clear sense of how much money you can invest before you begin inquiring about franchise opportunities.

Choose a Trusted Childcare Franchise Company

If you are entering the childcare world for the first time, it can be overwhelming to look at all of the franchise opportunities and try to figure out which one is best. First, consider how many years of experience the company has. If it is a relatively new company, it is possible that they have not solidified their business model and you may suffer for it. Next, look at the flexibility available to franchisees. How many rules will you need to follow? How much control will you have over the way the center is run? Additionally, look at the success and quality of other franchised locations. While each will have its own unique feel, healthy locations are an indication of a healthy franchise. Finally, consider the training and standards offered by the parent company. You want to be well-equipped to run your business, and the franchise company should ensure that is the case.

Reach Out for More Information

Once you have settled on a childcare franchise that shares your values and high standards, reach out and learn more about the opportunities available. Most franchises will have a special link available on their website where you can learn more. These informational resources will answer more of your questions and point you in the right direction.

The Benefits of a Legacy Academy Franchise

The Legacy Academy provides quality childcare and education across the southern United States. Our unique curriculum is available in every location and provides teachers with everything they need for age-specific, state-of-the-art programs. Legacy Academy offers investors the ability to build a meaningful and prosperous business while also enriching the lives of children in their communities. Additionally, by the beginning of their third year, all of our locations submit for NAEYC accreditation.

Opening a childcare franchise gives the dual benefits of supporting the local community while also building a successful business. Childcare franchise operation is not a great choice for everyone, but if you are talented in business and ready to work hard, we will give you the tools you need to succeed. At Legacy Academy, we make starting and running a franchise as smooth and stress-free possible. The success of our parent company depends on the success of our individual centers. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available, please request more information here.