Parenting Moment: Choking

Posted on November 6, 2014 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

Did you know that nearly all fatal choking episodes occur in children under the age of four?  Because young children use their mouths to explore new objects, parents must be vigilant in preventing choking accidents.

Here are some basic safety guidelines to support a no choke environment for children:

  • Objects smaller than one inch in diameter or shorter than two inches in length should never be accessible to young children.
  • Toys and play equipment should be checked regularly for small parts that may break off.
  • Foods that are round, hard, small, thick and sticky should not be offered to children younger than four.
  • Bottles should never be propped for infants.
  • Soft bedding and other objects should not be allowed where infants sleep.
  • Children under the age of 4 should not play with latex balloons, plastic bags, latex gloves or Styrofoam objects.

Look out for possible choking hazards and learn appropriate first aid for choking. It is a good idea to maintain current CPR/First Aid.

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