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Purposeful by Design

Posted on April 12, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy
Photo by Legacy Academy

At Legacy Academy, our excellence is no accident. In fact, careful planning, years of brain science, and an outstanding team have all been essential to our success and high standards. As you choose caregivers for your child, there are many factors to consider. Here are just a few areas in which Legacy Academy has thoughtfully and purposefully made ourselves unique.

Our Commitments

At Legacy Academy, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. For this reason, we consider ourselves responsible for the wellbeing of the whole child and work tirelessly to meet them exactly where they are. To accomplish this, we expose them to great art, classic stories, and daily experiences of all sorts that will draw them in and stimulate learning. We partner with parents and other family members to create a seamless transition between Legacy Academy and home. Through regular communication, we keep you in the loop regarding what your child is learning and how they are growing. We consider ourselves an extension of our studentsā€™ families and count it a privilege to nurture them in the time they spend with us.

Our Curriculum

We dedicate ourselves to providing the finest educational opportunities to our students. With that in mind, we have decided to use the curriculum, Framework For Their FutureĀ®. Designed by experts in child care and development, this curriculum is based on the latest brain development research. Best of all, it has been copyrighted for exclusive use at Legacy Academy centers. The lesson plans for each classroom are perfectly tailored to the age and developmental stage of the students. The plans include everything the teachers need to guide and direct their pupils in music, art, math, science, social studies, and more.

Our Environment

We carefully design each classroom at Legacy Academy to be stimulating, peaceful, and inspiring to our students. While visiting our centers, you will see a wide variety of exciting and beautiful things on display. For instance, we prioritize a print-rich environment, surrounding the children with posters, charts, stories, and other examples of language. To encourage the students, we proudly display their art and writing work as examples around the rooms. The air is full of language and learning as well, as teachers read aloud and music plays throughout the day.

Legacy Academy provides training and encouragement in life skills that will benefit our students for years. For example, they dine family-style, giving them opportunities to practice cooperation and communication. Likewise, students learn a variety of self-help skills, both physical and mental/emotional, that will serve them for a lifetime. In short, the Legacy Academy environment is safe, engaging, and life-giving for the children we serve.

Our Approach

At Legacy Academy, we take a balanced approach to education. We fill our classroom activities with both child-initiated and teacher-led activities. Our educational focus is not simply on the core subjects like math and English. Instead, our broad adventures take us into foreign languages, classical music, art, logic, and character building. We are careful and purposeful when we craft the lessons for our kids, ensuring they have access to everything they need to become independent and responsible learners.

Choosing caregivers for your children is a painstaking process. Thankfully, the unique environment offered by Legacy Academy is crafted to ease your concerns. Therefore, you can have confidence that your child is safe and under the watchful care of highly qualified staff. Students thrive in our centers because that is exactly how we have designed Legacy Academy to operate. Call or email us today to schedule a tour or to enroll your child!