The Benefits of Choosing a Childcare Franchise for Your Child

Posted on March 12, 2019 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development

As a working parent, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of childcare options available. Do you choose childcare near your work or close to home? Should you opt for in-home care or an established care center? There are advantages and disadvantages to any childcare situation, and every family must choose the best option for their needs. However, there are considerable benefits that come from choosing a childcare franchise for your child. Here are some of the advantages that a franchised childcare center brings to your family.

Established Curriculum

One or two people often run independent or in-home care. They implement their own ideas and emphases in the curriculum they use. In contrast, childcare franchise locations operate with an established curriculum based on wider research and information. At Legacy Academy,
a team of experts in childhood development and childcare developed our copyrighted Framework for their Future® curriculum. It includes tools for children with a variety of learning styles as well as emphasizes lessons in math, music, literature, science, and social studies at developmentally appropriate levels. In addition, the curriculum is based on up-to-date brain science and child development research, ensuring that your child gets relevant, meaningful instruction in developmentally appropriate ways.

Greater Resources

We all know the difference between tackling a challenging situation alone versus having a team by your side. When you select a childcare franchise for your child, you choose a team of prepared and equipped individuals to assist you and your child through the many stages of early childhood. In particular, a childcare franchise typically has larger and more diverse facilities, staff, and resources. This allows your child’s teachers to partner with you fully in meeting your child’s needs. Additionally, your child’s access to a variety of hands-on learning tools will assist him or her throughout the learning process.

Guaranteed Staff Training

Childcare providers also have a variety of training, with a wide range of degrees, certifications, licensures, and experience. This makes it difficult at times to know how qualified a care provider is. When you choose a childcare franchise for your family’s needs, you can rest assured that there is a clear standard of staff training. Additionally, many childcare franchise employees also have degrees and certifications above and beyond the center’s requirements. At Legacy Academy, our staff members are all current on professional development. Also, all Legacy Academy locations are accredited or in the process of gaining NAEYC accreditation, promising a high standard of excellence.

Tried and True Methods

The old adage that it takes a village to raise a child rings true in the world of childcare. When we can compile more wisdom and experience, our children are more likely to thrive in the childcare environments we create. A childcare franchise is built on the collective expertise of passionate and knowledgeable caretakers. Thus enrolling your child in a school like Legacy Academy gives the benefit of our full commitment to the highest quality of care. There are many available childcare situations that include warmth, structure, and a happy environment. However, few can boast the collective strength of years of success by the highest standards.

Choosing childcare for your family’s needs is no small task. At the same time, knowing the benefits of choosing a childcare franchise may make your decision much easier. With accountability, high standards, vast resources, and an exceptional curriculum, Legacy Academy is continually achieving the highest quality care in all of our centers. Interested in learning more? Call or visit one of our schools for more information.