Physical Activities for Preschoolers

Top Rainy Day Physical Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on May 24, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy

Physical Activities for PreschoolersFinally, spring is here. We’re all looking forward to spending more time outside. Unfortunately, spring can also mean lots of rain. While puddle jumping and catching rain in a bucket are amazing activities, sometimes you just can’t or don’t want to get wet. Indoors, old standbys like Red Light/Green Light, Follow the Leader, and Simon Says can get old quickly. Here are some physical activities for preschoolers to try when the weather is too wet for outside play.



While yoga may seem like an unexpected activity for squirmy, silly preschoolers, it is actually a great tool for teaching self-control and spatial awareness. Yes, the kids will probably giggle, fall over, and not get the poses quite right. But the mental and physical benefits are significant, and kids love the opportunity. Find lots of yoga poses for kids and a free printable here.

Obstacle Course


Making an obstacle course is a great indoor physical activity for preschoolers. It’s also extremely flexible and can suit whatever materials you have on hand. Tape on the floor can mark spots for balance, jumps, rolls, and spins. Furniture can be used to crawl over, under, or around. Toss wadded up paper into baskets, add in some of your yoga moves, and have them build something to finish it off. Add a timer or teams for even more fun. The possibilities are endless. Find more great obstacle course ideas here.

Have a Parade


This is another activity that is flexible and can incorporate many other types of play. Do you have musical instruments on hand? Pretend to be a marching band! Is your dress-up bin well-stocked? Add costumes and accessories into the mix. Alternatively, have an animal parade, complete with noises and silly walks. March up and down the hallway or around the classroom, with your exciting talents on display.


Dance Party


Music is truly good for the soul, and preschoolers are no exception. This is a great no-prep activity for days when the rain catches you by surprise. Put on some fun music and encourage self-expression. To make this a game, you can tell your children to freeze every time you pause the music. This is a great way to encourage listening, following directions, and self-control.




Balloons are well-liked and an inexpensive solution to a day stuck indoors. There really are endless ways to play with balloons: balloon volleyball, catch the balloon, or keep the balloon off the ground. If you have more time and space, you can show the children how to make balloon rockets or try out balloon badminton.

Clean Up Race


This suggestion may seem a little bit like cheating on your part. However, when you turn cleaning into a game, you also provide one of the best physical activities for preschoolers. Even better, it helps develops important life skills. Cooperation and time management are key when you’re under a time limit and trying to get the living room or classroom put back together. This is a great activity to incorporate at the end of any play session, but especially when the weather has everyone trapped indoors and feeling antsy. Turn on a familiar song and encourage the kids to clean up the room before the song is over. Can they beat the music? They will surely have fun trying.

Rainy days are great opportunities to snuggle up and read or create, but sometimes little kids just can’t shake the wiggles. That’s why it’s great to have these physical activities for preschoolers waiting in the wings. Because these ideas are low-prep and easy to accomplish, they will create a constructive outlet for all that rainy day energy.