How Early Childhood Education Encourages Your Child’s Creativity

Posted on October 15, 2019 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development

Creativity is one of the most important parts of a healthy, well-balanced life. Children learn and thrive best when they have the chance to be creative. Furthermore, when you encourage your child’s creativity, they’ll feel more confident in their creative skills as an adult. No matter your child’s future career path, they can use their creative skills to strengthen their choices and live a balanced life. The key is to lay a creative foundation while your child is young. You don’t have to encourage that creativity by yourself, though. If your child attends a great early childhood education environment, they’ll experience these creativity-boosting benefits.


The best way to encourage your child’s creativity is to let them play. When children have the time and space to play, they develop creative problem-solving skills. They also get to grow their creative muscles with imaginative scenarios. Children benefit creatively both from alone time and from group settings. While you can provide the alone time at home, your child can experience a wonderful group setting through preschool. Early childhood education has lots of great opportunities for play. Preschool takes children away from TVs and tablets, letting them rely on their own creativity during playtime.

Structure Management

Children do need a certain amount of structure. However, they also need some unstructured stretches of time. During these less structured moments, children learn how to create their own fun instead of relying on others to create fun for them. Preschools can provide just the right balance of routine and unstructured playtime to get your child’s creativity flowing.

Brain Stimulation

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote has been attributed to a lot of different people over the years, so it’s tough to tell who coined that phrase. No matter who said it, though, it’s true. Brain stimulation absolutely boosts creativity, and early childhood education is full of brain boosters. At preschool, children learn a full spectrum of subjects. They engage their brains while they learn all about numbers, shapes, colors, and letters.

Questions and Answers

Your child asks questions. Most kids do. Sometimes it seems like they only communicate through questions. It turns out that these questions are important to your child’s learning and mental growth. As we’ve already seen, that mental stimulation helps children boost their creativity. In early childhood education, children are encouraged to ask questions. Teachers and classroom aides are fully prepared to engage children’s questions in a way that helps children think and gain problem-solving skills.

Creative Projects

So far we’ve talked about how early childhood education indirectly encourages creativity, but don’t forget that preschool encourages creativity directly, too. Preschoolers get to do all kinds of creative projects in the classroom. Children get to color, paint, sing, build, and play musical instruments. They get to explore different facets of creativity, figuring out their own creative strengths. At preschool, your child may get to explore even more creative options than they get to explore at home.

Minds and Bodies

The mind isn’t the only thing that gets involved in creativity. Children need opportunities for physical exercise, too. When children get to dance and move to music, they get to stretch those creative muscles. Of course, running and playing in general both help with creativity building. These activities increase blood flow to the brain. They also help children regulate their energy in a healthy way, which helps them to think and focus.

Early Childhood Education

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