How Quality Child Care Supports Families

Posted on July 2, 2019 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development

Every parent wants the best child care for their children. Quality child care influences academic success, social capabilities, and resilience in young children entering elementary school. But excellent child care does more than benefit the children enrolled. It also serves as a support for the student’s entire family. You’ve heard a lot about how parents can support schools. Let’s take a look at how quality child education environments support families.


When family members are apart for a portion of the day, the time of coming back together is a sweet one. They share stories and experiences from their day, drawing them closer and helping them feel more involved with one another. However, when some members of the family are young children, it can be difficult for them to express the details of their day. Because of the constraints of language development and understanding, small children often struggle to explain what they did on a particular day and how they experienced it.

This is an excellent example of a time when quality child care can stand in the gap for families. With communicative teachers and regular reporting tools, you learn all about your child’s day, including their successes, their challenges, and what they are looking forward to. In turn, this knowledge strengthens your relationship with your child and their teachers. The conversation around your dinner table can be specific and personal when you have insight about your child’s friends and classroom experience.


Every parent’s goal is for their children to be kind, hard-working, capable adults. However, this is a huge undertaking and requires extensive support and care. Quality child care centers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with parents, reinforcing the important lessons they are teaching at home. When your child goes to preschool, you can be sure that they are practicing skills like compassion, responsibility, and generosity, all in a caring environment. This reinforcement of your teaching at home provides the scaffolding for your child’s character as they grow.

A Fresh Perspective

Seeing your child through parental eyes is a beautiful thing. You can imagine all the ways they have grown and will continue to do so. Still, it is very beneficial to learn more about your child from a different perspective. Child care teachers see your child interacting with peers, learning, playing, and growing in a different way than they do at home. Therefore, quality child care relationships lead to greater insight into your child’s needs and abilities. Child care teachers are also excellent resources if you have any concerns about your child’s development or progress. Since the teachers see your child in a different environment, their perspective and input can help direct you toward any help you may need.


Being a parent of small children is hard all by itself. Throw in balancing a career with a commute, attempting a healthy lifestyle, and all the other parts of life and parenting becomes an overwhelming and lonely job for many. And this is where quality child care steps in. Not only will your child be tended with the utmost care and love, but you become part of a community intended to support and nurture you. Find friends in other parents, allies in the teachers, and a place to belong. When you are connected to a community, you find resources and support through all different challenges. And a quality child care environment nurtures those relationships between families.

Not all childcare is created equal. In fact, there is a vast difference between average child care centers and those that go above and beyond to ensure your child thrives in the child care environment. Don’t settle for less than the best. If you are in the market for quality child care, consider Legacy Academy. All of our centers are peaceful, intentional, and accredited or pursuing accreditation by the NAEYC. Interested to learn more? Visit your local Legacy Academy location today.