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Why Encouragement Improves Toddler Learning Activities

Posted on November 3, 2021 : Posted in Children's Success in Life & School, Education and Development

Encouragement Improves Toddler Learning Activities

Are you encouraging toddler learning activities with your child? When it comes to your child’s development, the toddler years are an instrumental time. During this time, your toddler is soaking up everything around them. Consequently, this is a great time to encourage your toddler’s learning. Are you looking for answers about how to, take a look at “Five Ways to Encourage Your Young Child”. In this article, we are discussing why you should teach encouragement and how it provides an improvement in young kids’ learning process.

Toddler Learning Activities

Toddlers are learning machines. Between the ages of one and three, your little one is learning new things every day. They are learning through play, observation, self-discovery, imitation (the process by which kids learn behaviors or skills by watching others), motivation to explore their world, and interactions with adults and other children around them. See “Activities for young children: the ultimate guide” for more information on many activities that will encourage your

Motivational Activities for Your Toddler

Since your toddler only has a limited amount of time to play each day, you can help motivate his/her learning in a positive way through motivation that is rooted in encouragement.

Motivated learning styles can be a difficult project when parenting children of multiple ages. See the article on “Activities for Toddlers with Older Siblings” for those parents with the natural curiosity of how to help provide a fun learning environment success, ideas outside of school for the whole family.

Lagging Development

While the toddler years are a great time for learning, you must remember that each child is different. But, what should you do if your toddler does seem to be behind? First, don’t become discouraged if your toddler’s cognitive or physical development seems to lag behind others of the same age. On the other hand, even with serious cognitive development delays, your toddler can still make progress during this time. No matter what, you should encourage your children to learn. Help your child in the technical subjects by also focusing on non-cognitive skills.

Thankfully, there are hundreds of learning activities to enjoy with your toddler. There is always a situation for a learning experience. For example, here are some ideas of learning activities while sitting down, “5 Games to Play While Sitting Down.” Best of all, these help to promote active learning and meet individual milestones. When assisting your toddler with active learning, you need to focus on memory, concentration, perceptions, and attention. By incorporating toddler learning activities into your toddler’s daily routine, you can make huge strides in your toddler’s development.

Identify Noises

The first toddler learning activity is identifying noises. By identifying noises for your toddler, they will begin to understand how objects in their environment relate to sound. As you go through the day, you should identify any sounds that you hear and correspond the noise with the object it comes from. To be able to read, young children must gain proficiency in numerous abilities that will set the groundwork for literacy development. Continue reading our blog post about “Six Pre-Literacy Skills and How to Encourage Them” where we discuss what they are and how they provide children intrinsic motivation.

Reading Fun

Encouraging your children to read is important because learning to read can open up a world of learning and growth. Learning the alphabet and learning how to spell words is just one part of learning to read, but learning about different topics that help your child develop knowledge about their environment is another part.

Is your child learning how to read? Here are some pointers. Reading is a form of learning that should be an exciting challenge. When your kids put out effort, reward them.

Winter ideas for books: “Five Children’s Books About Winter to Share With Your Children.” If you’re looking for non-seasonal books that are appropriate for sensitive children, here are a few suggestions.

Creative Writing

Now that you have introduced your toddler to learning through reading, it’s time to introduce writing! While you don’t want to pressure your children, there are a variety of ways you can encourage them in creative writing. For example, while playing with play dough create your own playdough recipe book, or design your own pretzel factory, which allows learning about reading and writing. Creative learning activities like this provide children with learning opportunities that are accessible to all learning styles.

Encourage Singing

It doesn’t matter if the song is a lullaby or a funny song, you should sing songs with your toddler. Singing is a great way for your toddler to learn word identification and improve memory. When you are riding in the car together, play music for your toddler to sing along with.

Identify Shapes and Colors

Another of the toddler learning activities is identifying shapes and colors. This identification practice encourages memory. To help assist your toddler, you can point out the colors and shapes of objects you see or touch. Coloring for preschoolers has many benefits, we discuss five of them here. The more times you associate descriptors with your child, the easier it is for them to identify and remember the names of the shapes and colors.

Another great learning activity is decorating cookies with your toddler! This learning opportunity can allow your toddler to use their fine motor skills while enjoying tasty treats after the learning experience is over. You can incorporate patterns into them by using letter cookie cutters. Then allow your toddlers to ice their creations in various colors! Learning shapes through decorated cookies will help build early literacy skills too.

Count Together

Finally, the last toddler learning activity is encouraging counting. Taking every opportunity that you can to count objects provides your toddler with the opportunity to improve memory, concentration, and attention. You can count the number of bananas on the counter. Or, you can count the number of cups that you get out for meals. In no time, you and your toddler will be counting everything you come across.

The toddler years are a fantastic time to encourage learning. Your toddler is eager to learn and grow, so take advantage of their enthusiasm and facilitate your child’s interests in everyday life learning activities. There are several learning activities that you can incorporate into your toddler’s day, number recognition is important to teach. You can continue reading here: “Developing Number Sense in Young Children”.The most important thing to remember is that by encouraging these activities, you are helping to improve their development.

Choose one or several of the activities mentioned and get started today. Contact Legacy Academy for information about toddler learning activities.