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Common Traits Among the Top Daycare Franchises

Posted on August 27, 2019 : Posted in Preschool Franchise Opportunities

childcare franchiseWhat sets the top daycare franchises apart from the rest? It’s not just one trait. It’s actually a full list of aspects that make children feel safe and welcome. Here are the things that you should look for in a daycare franchise. Once you’ve found a place with all of these traits, you’ll know that you’ve found an excellent environment for your child.


Safety and Cleanliness

First and most importantly, you want a space where your child will be safe. When you look for top daycare franchises, make sure that you tour each potential daycare center before you make a commitment. A tour can show you whether or not a daycare center has enough safety features. For example, do you see any closed circuit cameras in the classrooms and common areas? Do you see locks and keypads on the doors leading to the outside? While you take your tour, you should also ask about the daycare’s policy for fire drills and other emergency preparedness situations.


While you take your tour, keep an eye out for cleanliness, too. Do the surfaces appear clean? How do the common dining areas look? You can also ask the staff about cleaning practices. Cleanliness is very important to the safety of your child.



The top daycare franchises aren’t actually daycares at all. They’re preschools. A lot of daycare centers only do the bare minimum. They keep children safe, and that’s it. The top franchises have curriculums for every age group, including infants. It’s true, your infant can learn in a preschool environment. With songs and visual games, teachers can help babies learn. Older children should have literacy activities and counting games. If the classrooms have excellent technology, even better. Some preschools use technology to help kids learn and grow with educational games.


Fun and Play

Fun matters just as much as education when it comes to finding the right daycare. In fact, playing is how children learn the most. The top daycares encourage learning through play. They have bright, cheery environments. They have playgrounds for plenty of time outdoors. You’ll be able to tell how fun the environment is when you walk in for your tour. Do you hear lots of laughter when you walk through the door?  What about singing and talking? If so, that’s a good sign that you’ve found a great place.


Small Class Sizes

The best childcare environments have small class sizes. With a low child-to-teacher ratio, children get plenty of individual attention. The children learn more easily that way. It also provides a safer environment. Even the most experienced child care provider can get overwhelmed and lose track when in charge of too many kids. With small classes, the teachers know what’s going on at all times.


Skill Building

We already mentioned education, but the best preschools go way beyond letters and shapes. The top daycare franchises focus on life skills that your child can use long after preschool is over. For example, the right daycare will encourage healthy eating and teach children how to make good food choices. Children might also sharpen their motor skills while at preschool. Teachers should also emphasize listening and respect for peers.


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