Traits that the Best Preschool Teachers Have in Common

Posted on November 12, 2019 : Posted in Early Child Care Education, Education and Development

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Many preschool teachers have wildly different approaches. Some are calm, gentle, and soothing. Some are upbeat and fun. Certain teachers lean towards arts and crafts, while others favor dancing and singing. Each approach is valid and important. Since every child is different, each child will thrive best with different teaching methods. However, no matter how different these teachers may be, the best ones have certain traits in common. Here are the characteristics that all of the best preschool teachers share.


The best preschool teachers love to teach. It seems simple, but it’s the most important part of the job. Preschool teachers should love being with children, helping them learn, and building their confidence. Think back to your own educational experience. The best teachers were the ones who obviously loved their job. You could see the spark in their eyes. They brought a certain joy and energy into the job that other teachers didn’t always have. Preschool is your child’s introduction to education. Your child deserves a teacher who loves being around them.

Childhood Expertise

The best preschool teachers are experts in all things childhood. These are the teachers who go above and beyond. Many have a degree in early childhood education, and many others have years of childhood education experience under their belts. They know all about developmentally appropriate toys. They understand how children communicate. These teachers understand children, and they put their expertise to good use in the classroom.


This trait goes right along with care and expertise. Excellent teachers have a keen eye. They notice when a child is struggling when a little one could use a different approach, or when a preschooler could use more challenging material. From the playground to circle time, the best teachers stay observant.

Compassion and Empathy

Children think differently than adults do. Their little bodies hold onto big emotions. They’re still learning how to express themselves, make friends, and be a part of a big world. Not every adult understands why children do what they do. The best preschool teachers understand, though. They always hold compassion and empathy for the children in their care. These teachers have the core understanding that every child matters. They know that every child is important. Other people may dismiss children for being small, but the best preschool teachers will always listen. They try to understand things from a child’s perspective. This sense of understanding builds trust, and it also fosters problem-solving.

The Best Preschool Environments

Almost always, the best preschool teachers work in the best preschool environments. If you tour an amazing preschool facility, chances are good that it has amazing teachers. Why? There are a couple of reasons at play. First of all, an amazing preschool environment brings out the best in teachers. When learning environments are clean, organized, and spacious, teachers can do their best for the children. On the other hand, when preschools are crowded and disorganized, teachers can get overwhelmed and stressed.

Second, good teachers generally don’t stay in bad environments for long. There are some exceptions, of course. However, when teachers know that they’re the best, and they understand what they deserve, they generally won’t put up with low-quality environments if they have other options on the table.

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